About Us

Happy Humans with Helping Hands

Fred Rogers once said, “Look for the helpers.” As veterans of digital marketing living and breathing the evolution of lifecycle & loyalty, our goal at Retencity is to make a driving impact for every brand we work with.

Our Team

Helping Others Help Themselves

As a humans first organization, Retencity is made up of established lifecycle & loyalty leaders with a passion for the human condition, location freedom, and driving personal, professional, and brand growth. We value the relationships we have inside and outside the workplace, and believe in continuous improvement.

An illustration of three people working in an office.
Our Values

Happy Employees = Happy Clients

We believe an organization's character is as important as its work in the marketplace.

Humanity First

Humans have lives filled with emotion and events that forge them into who they are and who they are becoming. At Retencity, we value individual experience and collective community.


Effective communication is at the forefront of the work that we do, whether on behalf of a brand, to an executive, or on behalf of our individual or collective needs. The willingness to embrace crucial conversations skillfully is a critical component of our organizational ethos.

Rise Together

At Retencity, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses, but collectively we have the power to lift each other and every organization we work with up and we will do that with the utmost responsibility.

Grow to Goals

Digital and lifecycle marketing is one of the most dynamic, ever-changing industries today. At Retencity, we aim to always remain on the bleeding edge through continuous improvement via education, knowledge sharing, collaboration, thought leadership, and personal development.

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